Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dad,,You are my Hero~

Thanks to Allah for give me the strength to continue my life,,,

Today is FATHER'S DAY~

only on this day,,i got the strength to write about my dad,,
talked about my dad, actually it makes me sensitive sometimes because i no longer have dad,,he has left me for 1 year 2 months ago,,,i really miss him,,,he has left me forever but he still in my heart,,,
Deep in my heart,,,i felt jealous when my friends talked about their father,,,and sometimes i think that "can you all care about my feeling?,if you all want to talk about your father not in front of me!" but,,what can i do!!!,,they all are my friends,,i need to be matured when this thing happened,,,

Ayah,,,actually you don't need this day to be a special person,,you already beyond awesome in my heart,,,
:1:because you're always besides me when I'm in problem,,you're my ears and my shoulder... always gave me advises and motivated me when I'm down,,, Thanks Ayah~
you're the one always support me in my study,,i still remember that you support me in my 4x200 m in district level,i got injured on that final,,then at home he treated my wound,,in the same time he said "cemana boleh jatuh terjelepok kat atas trek tu ,,pakai spike lagi,,tu pun boleh jatuh?" hahaha,,when i remembered this moment,,,i really really really miss my dad!!!

Ayah,,,i want you to know that you're always in my pray,,,I pray that you will get your happiness There,,,,

Ayah,,i want you to know that I LOVE YOU!!! no one can replace your place,,,
NO ONE!!!!!

Ayah,,i want you to know that the reason i do in my life is i want to make you proud of me,,proud with my success even you are not here,,
when i'm doing something,,i always remembered you Ayah,,,

Ayah,,,the time you left us forever,,,i tried to control the tears that creeped out from my eyes,,i don't want to show my sadness in front of others,,i want to be strong,,yeah,,i can control my tears in front of them but when i'm alone,,the tears suddenly creeped out,,i don't have enough strength to face it,,
many things played on myvmind,,how can we live without you Ayah,,, i felt very sorry to Mak,,i know that she was very shocked than me,,,that's why i tried to control my sadness in front of her,,i need to be strong,,,

people only can said, "be strong Yah","sabar Yah","itu takdir Allah"...yeah,, i know all that,,but could you feel the same way i feel???
think about it! if you were me,only then you know how i felt,,,
SPM just around the corner,,,how am i going to study well? can i pass my SPM?why Ayah must left me? all thats playing in my mind on that time,,,i'm not very confident that i can do well in my SPM,,, but Alhamdulillah,,I got flying colours in my SPM even i have to through so many things that i didn't expect at all...

no one know their fate,,,

death only in Allah hand,,He knows everything,,He know what the best for us,,

when these things happened on me,,,i take a time to accept it,,
Alhamdulillah,,,i can accept it,,redha is the best way cause Allah love more my dad,,,

and now,,,i have learnt so many things,,and thats make me more matured now,,i need to be a strong girl...

Ayah,,, I want you tu know that you're my HERO,,MY SUPERMAN,,,


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