Friday, 15 June 2012


hola helo hola helo!!!!

finally,,,i got the chance to update my story,,,
actually,,now i'm already finished my dinner,,,huhuhu
wanna now what i'm eating just now???
it's only meggi cup je larh!!!
not like you all,,,can eat mom's cooking!!!! but now i'm already in university,,,so,,, now i have my new life!!!
it's CAMPUS LIFE!!!!!!!

although i'm already have been here almost 3 weeks,,,i felt that sometimes campus life make my life miserable but sometimes it's enjoyable,,,

if you like or not,,,you have to face it,,,hahaha,,

actually today i want to share with you all about what has happened to me TODAY!!!!

please ,,,somebody help me to solve this,,,huhahhuehauhaha
today i woke up early,,,5.40 am!!! (actually,,everyday syatun and i woke up early although we don't have class at 8 am) hahahah,,,well,,we're excellent student!!!hahaha,,so,,woke up early only small matter lahhh,,,,then,after breakfast,,waiting for the bus,,,usually the bus came so early,,or,,,both of us went downstairs so early??????
hahaha,,,don't know laaa,,

today,,i have computer skills class and electric circuit 1 class,,,very enjoyable when in electric circuit class,,,Mr Musa b. Yusuf Lada,,,his teaching very relaxing n bestt wooo,,hehehe,,

12 noon!!! class ended!!!! yeay!!!!!
waiting for the bus again!!!
arrived at TTU 3,,,bought lunch,,,it's only chicken rice,,

slept for a while,,
Iera home,,Syatun back to her house,,Odah ,,Syi Lin, Chew also back to their hometown,,,
Melaka to Tg. Malim???
so far far far away lahhh,,
don't now to take a bus actuallyy,,hahah,,save my money,,,huhhu
not really save ,,cuz today i have spent a lot of money to buy many things la,,about rm150!!!!!
included the novels,,hahaha,,i can't see MPH la i think,,,if i see MPH,,,my money will flow like water there,,,hahahah,,,

actually,,,Iera and I went to Mydin by walking there,,hahaha,,,it took 20 minutes maybe,,,almost lost,,,hahaha,, :P

it was a new experience !!!
i have learnt something new today,,,
what is that???
only me can know ,,hahaha,,
shhhh,,let it be secret,,huhuhuh

actually,,,why i felt so tension today huh???
maybe spent too much money,,,
hmmmm,,,must make money plan after this!!!

#huyyyyoooo,,,today my entry full in english laaa,,hehehe,,,sorry la taw sebab grammar sume berterabur,,hahaha,,jangan gelakkan taw bila dah baca,,hehehe,,taw la,,i'm not good enough in english,,,but at least i'm trying,,,isn't??huhuhu..

okay daaa~~~

see you all in next entryyyy,,,

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